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What steps are included in the safety procedures for fin punching machines?

The steps of the safety procedures for fin punching machines are as follows:

1. The operator must be familiar with the performance and characteristics of the machine and be qualified by special technical training to obtain the equipment operation certificate before he/she is allowed to operate.
2. Before starting the machine, check whether the fasteners in the equipment mold are loose and whether the safety guards are sensitive, reliable and intact, and observe the general safety operation procedures for stamping workers.
3. Guard rails should be installed on both sides of the fin assembly car and should be strictly prohibited from being removed during work.
4. The oil pump should be turned off during maintenance inspection. When adjusting the machine with more than 2 persons (including 2 persons), they should cooperate well with each other (with primary and secondary importance).
5. Regularly lubricate and maintain the equipment, check the interlocking device and the emergency stop switch are intact and reliable.
6. When dismantling the mold, hands should not reach into the mold.
7. When dismantling the mold with hydraulic trolley, do not put your foot into the vicinity of the wheel.
8. When installing aluminum platinum, you must use a crane, not a hydraulic trolley.
9. The uncoiler must be fixed firmly; cleaning and maintenance must be carried out in the case of shutdown (cleaning the roller should use special auxiliary tools to hold the oil stone, parallel to the axis of the roller to promote, wipe crumbs must be completely stopped after the rotation of the roller).
10. This equipment has with safety interlock device, strictly forbidden in the case of someone is still in the machine to test the safety guard, can not remove or do not use the safety guard at will


Post time: Sep-30-2022