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6 Tube Horizontal Expanding Machine

Short Description:

Re: Expander For Copper Tube
Model: ZGJ-φ9.52/4 + φ12.7/4  /4000

Product Detail

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Machine drawings

1597201519_Machine drawings

Clamp system

1.Machine size :8500mm*3800mm*1400mm

1597201556_Clamp system

Expansion bar guide mechanism

2.Pneumatic Clamp system

1597201587_Pneumatic Clamp system

Expansion drive mechanism

3.Three kinds of guide holes with different center distance are arranged on the guide plate to facilitate the replacement of specifications.

4.Servo motor drives rack and gear to drive the expansion bar forward and backward.
5.Machine lifting is driven by worm wheel elevator and controlled by servo system. It can realize multi-expansive pipe with a maximum lifting stroke of 400 mm.
6.The machine is mounted on the guide plate and can move horizontally with a moving range of 2700 mm.
7.The equipment provides two operation modes: manual mode and semi-automatic mode.
(1)Manual mode: Each step is manual operation.
(2)Semi-automatic mode: fully automatic operation of tube expanding process, manual operation button of alignment nozzle, transverse translation and lifting according to the set distance.
8.Hydraulic expander or hand drill expander: expanding the copper pipe port before expanding the pipe to prepare for expanding the pipe.
9.Because of the different shrinkage rate of U-tube, it will cause long and short tubes after expanding, so the machine can not expand U-tube.
10. The device is operated by touch screen and controlled by PLC.

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Main specs

Valid stroke of expanding pipe:400-4000mm
Tube Diameter: 3/8" and 1/2”
Smooth tube size:φ3/8” x 21.65 +1/2”X31.75
No. of Tubes: 8 tubes
Speed of expanding pipe:13M/min(fast speed)13m/min ( return)
Motor power:2-5KW, 380V, 50Hz


No Item Brand
1 PLC Mitsubishi(Japan)
2 Servo system Mitsubishi(Japan) or Estun
3 Touch Screen Weinview
4 Cylinder and solenoid valve Adeko (Taiwan), SMC (Japan), CKD (Japan)
5 Proximity switch and sensor Omron (Japan), Otonix (Korea)
6 Open and Low Voltage Electrical Apparatus Schneider, Omron, Siemens, Panasonic

Spare Parts

No Item Qty Unit Model Mark
1 Tools 1 set    
2  bullet   Pcs Each 6 pcs Per Size Include on the machine
3 Expanding Bar 10 Pcs Each 6 pcs per size Include on the machine
4 Proximity switch 4 Pcs    
5 Button                       2 Pcs    

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