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High Quality Brazing Line Manufacture

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product description

Fully automatic welding and sealing of the tube end of the coil tube of the user of this equipment;
Conveyor belt in the form of double-row roller chains installed under the stainless steel plate, frequency conversion speed regulation, stable walking and convenient speed regulation;
The welding gas is taken out by nitrogen for protection, and it is blown with nitrogen after the combustion to prevent blockage;
Copper pipes and aluminum in the welding zone are cooled by compressed air. Water cooling for sliding guardrail and welding gun;
Multi-row welding torch can be raised and lowered electrically, and can be adjusted by handwheel for up, down, front, back and angle;
Under pressure protection is provided at the gas and combustion gas inlet. The nitrogen and cooling water inlets are equipped with underpressure indications;
Automatic flame ignition;
Combustion nozzle configuration: four rows (two rows on the left and right), two mixers, two rows of preheating, and two rows of welding (with flux protection).

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Project Specification
  Standard Heightening Type I Heightening Type II Extra high type
Workpiece height mm 200-1200 300-1600 300-2000 600-2500
Number of work pieces 1-4
Combustion gas The supporting gas is oxygen or compressed air, and the fuel gas is liquefied petroleum gas or natural gas
Length of conveyor belt mm Standard 8400, others can be customized
Conveyor belt height mm 600  400
Work efficiency S mm/min 600-6000Frequency
System pressure MPa Liquefied gas or natural gas Bottled 0.15-0.25, pipeline ≥0.08
  oxygen 0.4-1
  Compressed air 0.5-1
  Nitrogen 0.4-0.6
  Tap water 0.3-0.4
Total power KW 1.3(Metal rotor flowmeter model) 1.6(Mass flow controller model)
Power supply AC380V, 50HZ, 3-phase 5-wire system

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