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Vertical Servo Type Shrinkless Expander

Short Description:

Vtes series vertical tube shrinkless expander machine(servo type)

All output shall be in English*. The text to rewrite it is this:
Using two guide pilar designing,the body strength higher;
Using servo motor to control enlarging mouth,which is been sure of the high accuracy and good quality;
Separate tank designing,it is easy and quick for maintenance;
HMI with big size touch screen,it is more convenient and effcient for the operation;
Complete the bluge tube,of expand mouth and turn over the side complete setcraft procedure automatically;
Total Servo Type , Control by Ball screw ;
There is more kinds of models can be provided as choice;

Product Detail

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product description

Employing a dual-guide pillar design enhances structural robustness, ensuring heightened body strength. The implementation of a servo motor for controlling the expansion process guarantees impeccable precision and superior quality output. The incorporation of an independent tank design facilitates swift and effortless maintenance procedures.

The inclusion of a spacious HMI with a large touchscreen elevates operational convenience and efficiency. Streamlining the entire expansion process, including tube bulging, mouth expansion, and side turnover, is achieved through automated execution. The comprehensive servo-based mechanism, driven by a ball screw, epitomizes precision control.

Our range offers a diverse selection of models, allowing you to tailor your choice to your specific needs. Introducing the Vertical Servo Type Shrinkless Expander - a pinnacle of tube expansion technology. From tube expander machines to vertical expanders, our offerings encompass excellence in expanding technology. Experience the innovation of the OMS Expanding Machine - setting new standards in vertical expansion machinery.


Item Specification
Model VTES-850 VTES-1200 VTES-1600 VTES-2000 VTES-2500 VTES-3000
Max Length of Tube Expander 200-850 200-1200 200-1600 250-2000 300-2500 300-3000
Pipe Diameter φ5, φ7, φ7.4, φ9.52
Wall Thickness 0.25-0.45
Pitch-row×Pitch Adaptive Configuration
Max Number of Tube Expander 8
Max number of holes in each row 60
Fin Hole Diameter The Customer Provides
Fin holes arrangement Plover or Parallel
The diameter of the tube expanding cylinder φ150, φ180, φ200, φ220
Total Power 7.5,15,22
Expending speed About 5.5m/min
Voltage AC380V,50HZ, 3 phase 5 wire system
Remarks Specifications can be modified according to customer’s requirements

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