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High Quality Horizontal Expanding Machine

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product description

Expanding tube size:600-4000mm;
Tube expanding:6 row 60 bore(as per the products required);
Oil cylinder build in,tightly structure,covering small floor area only;
Hydraulic station be supplied the oil by high and low pressure combined pump;
Expanding type:Mechanical expanding;
Japan Mitsubishi or omron PLC computer control;main elements are TE brand of France;
Hydraulic valve:Yuken,the oil temperature controls by aytomatic.
Horizontal Expanding Machine;horizontal expander;coil making line;heat exchanger making line;coil making machinery;heat exchanger machinery;air condition machinery;air condition produce line;coil maker machine;coil making machine


Item Specification
Model ZZW-2000 ZZW-2500 ZZW-3000 ZZW-3500 ZZW-4000
Max Length of Tube Expander  600-2000 600-2500 600-3000 600-3500 600-4000
Pipe Diameter  φ5 φ7 φ7.94 φ9.52
Wall Thickness 0.25-0.45
Pitch-row×Pitch 19.5×11.2 21×12.7 or 20.5×12.7 22×19.05 25×21.65 or 25.4×22
Max Number of Tube Expander 6
Maximum number of holes in each row 60
Fin Hole Diameter The Customer Provides
Fin holes arrangement Plover or Parallel
The diameter of the tube expanding cylinder φ150, φ180, φ200, φ220
Total Power 7.5,15,22KW
Hydraulic Pressure ≤14Mpa
Expanding Speed About 5.5m/min
Voltage AC380V,50HZ,3 phase 5 wire system
Remarks Specifications can be modified according to customer’s requirements

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